I Love Vodafone

As a small business owner, having a good telecommunications provider has been paramount to ensure that my business operates efficiently and at its optimum... I was a customer with Optus for many many years and I can't tell you how many problems I had with them time and time again. It seemed every few months there was a problem of some kind, which usually resulted in me spending hours on the phone to them usually ending in me losing my patience, hurling abuse at some poor schmuck in India then me in tears. Not good. So when it came to my end of contract for my wireless internet I thought it was time for a change. Hello Vodafone :-)

Not only do I have the email address and the mobile number of my Vodafone Business Manager, but the entire process of set up and my receiving my sexy little wifi gadget was painless and done within the space of a few days. I'm so thrilled to be a Vodafone customer and I can highly recommend any small business owners of the Gold Coast to contact Deanne and Brendan at their Southport office if you too are having the same bullshit dramas as I have had.

Thanks guys, you've made my world so much easier... Now I just need to get my hands on your little iPad 2 deal xx

Current Plans

Iphone4S 16 GB 
FREE on the cap 49 ( $550 worth of calls etc), 59 ( $750 worth of calls etc) and both with Unlimited calls to any 3 or Vodafone mobile plus the Infinite (unlimited) 65, easily the best on market. 

Nobody is offering the Iphone4S free on these plans.

For all your phone and internet needs, contact Deanne and Brendan at their Southport office
brendan@broadland.com.au - Qld State Manager
ddavies@broadland.com.au  - 0414 465 632

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