Body Makeover... REJECTED by my trainer

It is with much surprise, sadness and contemplation that I write this blog post... I don't live in a world of fairy floss and unicorns but I have to say that my life is fairly blessed. 

I laugh every day, I love my home and my beautiful cat and best mate Neo. I have a wonderful and talented assistant who is just as passionate about my business as I am and makes life so much easier. My family is amazing and I have some wonderful friends.

I get to review beauty products, restaurants and bars, interview celebrities and do cool activities like feed tigers and flying trapeze. 

I love what I do and I love my life, so at the beginning of the year when I made the decision to lose the excess weight I'd gained as a result of the medication I take due to a health condition I have (and will continue to have to take for the rest of my life) it was a big step. I'd already lost a decent amount on my  own, I'd quit smoking on my own - which is a massive feat in itself, so the next step was to find an amazing supportive trainer to guide me and help me through the remaining kg loss via exercise and nutrition.

Enter Daniel Carruthers - we had agreed on a business arrangement that he would train me and help me reach my goal and I would promote him and his services via my blog postings after each session, Facebook as well as weekly webzine articles through the magazine that I write for GC Mag in total giving him exposure and publicity to over 80,000 plus readers and then some - so not a bad deal really, and the arrangement was I would get about 3 x 30min sessions per week plus nutrition and emotional support of course.

We had our first session over 3 weeks ago....

Since then i've tried repeatedly to get in touch with him to organise my sessions via phone calls, text messages, emails and Facebook - all ignored and not responded to. I got to the point I felt like a stalker that was chasing a guy after a first date... It was and is a devastating feeling.

To be rejected by a trainer. It's 27 January 2012 and I've still not heard back from him, I still don't know why he's not only broken a business contract but also broken my health contract which meant so much to me. He promised me he'd help me, this wasn't just a vanity thing for me to get "sexy and beautiful" this was a health thing for me. 

And we're nearly in February which means I've lost a month of training and nutrition support to reach my goal weight which was my birthday 7  March.

I'm hurt, disappointed and embarrassed as it's impacted on my business and the content I was providing to GC Mag and my blog.

It's also now made me think slightly differently about Personal Trainers, although I know you're not all like this, but to be ignored and rejected after just one session has quite affected me. Especially when we met a few times and I thought " he seems nice and compassionate and honest and genuine, he'll look after me...."

If there is another Personal Trainer/Gym/Weight Loss Specialist that would be interested in taking this Body Makeover Challenge on, please contact me on

UPDATE: I have since heard from Daniel, who has apologised for not being in contact with me. As i stated on my Facebook status when this blog was posted, this was not a "name and shame" and I have not said anything derogatory or defamatory about Daniel or his training in this posting. I was merely voicing my disappointment that due to a lack of communication on his part I was unable to fulfill my body makeover challenge.

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