Everybody's Shuffling...

Last Friday night I headed to the new dubstep club in Surfers Paradise Shuffle to interview club owner and Gold Coast infamous entertainment personality Joey Lamattina for GC Mag. Here are just a few pics from the night. Keep your eye out for the full story in the upcoming issue out January 31.
Runway Express Experience did my make up for the evening, who just happen to be the major sponsor for the upcoming Gold Coast Fashion Week and boy did they do an amazing job, giving me exactly what i asked for.
Sexy cat eyes done by Amelia @ Runway Express Experience
The light show on the "boobs" during the night was amazing!
International DJ Borgore
Owner Joey Lamattina and me having chats
My PR Assistant and I having a giggle
One of my favourite slogan singlets "Toughen up Princess", vintage glomesh clutch I made into an over the body bag, Hunter's Moon ring, bracelet bought in Bali.
LOL - trash bag
Shoes off, up on the booth... fun times <3
Ahhhh the pretty lights....
The sound system at Shuffle - OUT. OF. CONTROL.
The morning after and the lashes are still on - WINNING!!!!
The social pics from the night at Shuffle were taken by Amelia Jane's Photography

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