Kiss Kiss from Bliss Industries
Today, we received the first lot of our fabulous temporary lip tattoos thanks to our new sponsor Bliss Industries.
Akahsha and myself have been so excited to get our hands on these little puppies we had barely gotten in the door when the necessary items required to get these on our lips were sitting on our desk.
So, the items you'll need to get going is pretty simple - a pair of nail scissors; a small container of water and some cotton wool.
They arrive in these cute individually sealed packages
with instructions clearly labelled on the back
Cut out instructions on the back of the tattoo
Following the outline cut out the shapes
As per instructions, measure cut outs to lips then cut accordingly

Apply to lips, wet with damp cotton wool over cut out then peel off.
Me - Queen of Hearts
Akahsha - Foxy Fishnet
As you can see they look SO COOL but it is a little trickier than you might think, we cut ours a little too short on our first try, but practice makes perfect!
I absolutely ove them and being the OTT chick that I am, i'll be wearing these to most BIG events from now on I think and with 10 designs to choose from, there is something to match almost anything.
Only $AU7.99 ea and free postage Australia wide, you won't find a better price anywhere.
Keep an eye out for us at Gold Coast Fashion Week with more designs thanks to Bliss Industries.

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