My Bathroom Renovation - Day 1

Today, my bathroom renovations finally started with Luke from GC Exteriors and Construction  who became infamous from Channel 10's The Renovators (see my story for GC Mag).
My unit is a 40 year old unit right on the waterfront on the broadwater on the sunny Gold Coast. The entire bathroom and unit is pretty much made of concrete and the tiles were a lovely shade of brown, very retro.... attractive lol. 
Below is what was accomplished in just a few short hours... talk about fast movers!

there were cupboards there, the boys were just too quick for me
wow, so much brown....
where the tiles are missing, they fell on me whilst showering - danger danger!

Lee and Luke
looks more like a crack house bathroom now lol
at least now the risk of decapitation has been removed - no more falling tiles yay!
mirror mirror on the wall??
just an empty shell :(

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