Toning Workout Walkers - Do they work??

The different strut options available
A few months ago, I was in Target Runaway Bay and saw that they were selling some of the Spalding "toning" walking shoes that have been so widely talked about thanks to Kim Kardashian and her deal with Skechers. So rather than spending hundreds of dollars in case they didn't work, I thought for $50.00 (bargain!) i'd give them a whirl....
The minute I tried them on, I felt like an astronaut bouncing around, they were so soft and the curved wedge created a bizarre feeling but was extremely comfortable when I walked around the store - SOLD.
Being a Publicist I do my best to give back, so as part of my "community initiative" each week I deliver newspapers for a few hours so I was pretty keen to try them out and see if they worked.
After wearing them for the first day (for about 3 hours), my calf muscles were absolutely killing me, I could barely walk. Doing my paper deliveries was painful and a nightmare. I felt like i'd done a full day work out at the gym, it was ridiculous and to be honest I wasn't overly keen to try them again, not knowing whether they were working or whether they were just crappy shoes - just being honest....
These are the ones I bought
Needless to say, the next day I decided to give them another go and went for a leisurely stroll along the broadwater and my calves still hurt but i gritted through the pain... As the days went on, the discomfort subsided,my feet moulded into the shoe and I got used to the curved wedge.
Three months on, i'm 8 kgs lighter, my butt is definitely smaller and my hips and thighs have toned up dramatically and my cellulite is almost non existant. So apart from quitting smoking, the only things that have changed in my lifestyle were purchasing these shoes - WINNING!!! 
So if you can get through the first few days of pain, I reckon go for it, they worked for me.
Yay for Spalding, Yay for Target, and at the moment, they are on sale for only $25.00 - can you believe it! I'm stocking up LOL

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