Today was my second training session with Brendan from In Motion Health + Fitness and we went through what my daily energy consumption needs to be to get to my goal weight based on eating a minimum of 5 times a day or up to 7 times a day including 3 and 5 meals and 2 and 4 snacks.

He was very thorough giving me a breakdown of calories/kj per meal/snack with a weight loss goal of 1kg per week. So now, time to head off to to the supermarket with my profile in hand - who would of thought i'd be one of "those people" checking the nutritional information!

I woke up with quite a severe headache this morning (stress), so after going through the above, we still went for a very brisk walk along the broadwater as part of my training.

After being relatively sedentary for so long,I think he appreciates the fact that forcing me to go too hard too soon is not going to do anyone any favours. The walk in the sun did me good and after a shower, my headache had subsided enough for me to do some work.

Next session isn't until Monday, so it's up to me to make sure I do something every day until then... I have faith in myself... 30mins isn't so bad right?! Now I just have to force myself to eat 5 times a day....
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