One of the amazing things about living on the Gold Coast is having the water right across the road, it also means that there is no excuse for having an amazing view when exercising...

So on our third session yesterday Brendan and I did interval training along the beautiful broadwater near my house as we talked about how things have been going as we approach the end of my first week with him.

It's been a massive change to my lifestyle already, integrating exercise and a new healthy eating plan limiting my kilojoule intake but I can feel the differences already, both positive and negative... I've been sleeping better, I'm eating more food which is great, and eating healthier however, due to the fact I've cut out a lot of sugar I've been getting more headaches which hasn't been much fun but the detoxification is a mild sacrifice in the long run.

And I can proudly say that it's not quite been 1 week and I've already lost some weight and I'm still enjoying the exercise without it feeling like a chore so YAY for me and YAY for Brendan!

Thank you x

So if you're interested in talking to Brendan about group training sessions or one-on-one mobile personal fitness goals then you can contact him on 0414 750 083 or 

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