3 x medicine balls, 4 x flights of stairs
Up she goes lol
Yes, i'm actually having fun :)
Today was the beginning of week 3 of my body make over challenge and after a rocky week 2 I was ready to get straight back into it with Brendan from In Motion Health + Fitness.
After making some MASSIVE changes to my lifestyle during week 1 including my diet and exercise my body didn't seem to react overly well and left me with some excruciating migraines so the exercise took a bit of a backseat until I was able to get things back under control.
Brendan had me walking up and down 4 flights of stairs with 3 different weights of medicine balls. 
Up one flight, drop the ball, back down again, up again with another ball, back down again and so on with all three balls and with all 4 flights.
Then the same and with squats but with each level add a squat... oh it was fun times lol. I even had my own cheer squad with my cat Neo watching from the top landing at the screen door giving me a little meow when I reached the top.
Great session today. Feeling much better, after a crappy week. Who would have thought giving up my addiction to coca cola would cause me so much grief?! Even more so than smoking and i kicked that habit easily!
The results are starting to show with people commenting on the physical changes - WINNING!

Feeling good, feeling motivated (STILL) and wanting to keep going which is a great sign.

To book a private mobile session with Brendan or talk about his group sessions contact him on 0414 750 083 or LIKE his Facebook page by clicking here

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