You've seen in it the magazines with Lauren Conrad's tie dye dipped tresses and now you've seen it on the runway at MBFW so at this week's styling session with NV Design Studio we've decided to show you how to get this funky "Chalking" look at home yourself!

Because of my extensions, we got in fabulous hair model Georgia to be my replacement this week. 

The great thing about Chalking is the fact you can wash it out without staining your natural hair!

STEP 1: You will need to grab some chalk from a craft store. Any non oil based chalk will do.

STEP 2: Start with clean dry hair
STEP 3: Section the area you wish to "chalk" and dampen with water

 STEP 4: Select chosen coloured chalk and start rubbing sectioned area to pigment hair
(an alternate method is to crush chalk up and mix with water to create a paste and paint on)

STEP 5: After doing entire head with mixed/chosen colours, dry off then straighten or curl as desired.

STYLIST: Rachael
NV Design Studio
130 Scarborough Street SOUTHPORT
5528 5844

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