Saturday, my girlfriend Robbie, who is the designer behind Madison & Montana Soy Candle Co. got up at the crack of dawn to hit the garage sales to see what bargains we could grab! 

With the success of shows like American Pickers and Picker Sisters, we were inspired to create our stories at home and with our businesses with pre-loved treasures.

I also grabbed a brand new set of Remington heated hair rollers for $6 - best find of the day!!!

I set a budget of $50 for the day and below is just a few of the amazing pieces  I found...

I fell in love with this hand painted fan $10 and pastel pink ocean portrait $2

This small dressing screen was so unusual I had to have it $5 and this gorgeous porcelain container is stunning $2 

I got two of these stools for $5 for both and this box for $2

This sterling silver butter dish, tray and bottles were all $4.50

This cushion cover was brand new and actually has a fur texture $1

Robbie all loaded up with her vintage and antique teacups for Madison & Montana Soy Candle Co.

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