"I don't do flowers or hearts"
Up until recently this was a fairly frequent statement said by me in relation to fashion, but as you would have noticed by my very regular wear of the floral trend lately, clearly - the times they are a changing. As I've gotten older, I've learnt to experiment a little more with fashion and I've also learnt that I'm a bit of a chameleon which is rather lucky I guess. This cute little short sleeved jacket when first purchased I was little concerned the pale print looked a little too much like "a couch" as I pointed out to my friend but with some block colours I thought it could it work.
And just quietly, when you walk into David Jones and have multiple sales assistants ask where you purchased it, the look on their face when you tell them $6 from AWL is priceless!
This is the first time i'm wearing the "mullet skirt" trend (what a hideous name) and I'm loving it. The sheer fabric is gorgeous and feels very sexy when you're walking. I've decided to rename it to a tuxedo tail skirt xx

Jacket:: Animal Welfare League
Singlet:: Supre
Skirt:: Kmart
Heels:: Kmart

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