After having my natural hair length for a while it was time to have my colour refreshed and extensions put back in.

ALL types of extensions requirE CONSTANT hydration and moisture to keep them sleep,  silky and tangle free; especially through the winter months! The wet weather conditions and dry air cause static frizz and can possibly dry out your scalp as well as your natural hair and extensions. Keep in mind that your extensions do not get to benefit from the natural oils your hair produces.

At bed time, plait your hair to keep from rubbing together causing static electricity and making them rough and knotty. Plait them in two so that you can brush them out in the morning leaving you with a nice ripple effect.

NV Design Studio recommends a nourishing shampoo for extensions::
Redken All Soft Range - packs available $59.95
include 300ml Shampoo, 250ml Conditioner, 90ml Argan Oil + 
BONUS Mini Quick Dry 18 Hairspray and Travel Size Rough Paste
= $92.00 worth of products

Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Control with pyrithione zinc to add moisture and relief to a dry, flaking scalp and hair helps eliminate and combat dandruff and it's symptoms while gently cleansing hair.

It is important not to let extensions dry naturally over time and make sure you use a heat protectant on them prior to using a hair dryer or other electrical product.

Brand new Redken Duo Shield Heat Styling Colour Protecting Gel Cream is great for extensions as it provides a full level of heat protection from blow drying and adds moisture and protects colour, it also has a medium 07 level of hold.

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