As featured in this month's issue of Get it Magazine I caught up with designer Colin Heaney from his house Casa Blu in Byron Bay...


Being an artist for most of your life, how difficult was the transition into fashion?
The transition into fashion was very organic, it started with a desire to see the images I was creating printed on a physical object. Silk, like glass is such a beautiful, quality material that I decided to use it as my canvas.
Then the challenges started learning how the fashion world works, in many ways it is a much more difficult world than the art world.  In art I felt more flexibility to create exactly wanted, in fashion there is a bigger play between my creativity and desire of my customers.

Your designs flow from your homewares into your clothing, where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration can come from anywhere - nature; a combination of colours; a building ... I am a very visual person so it is easier for me to see something to know whether if it speaks to me or not. I generally start creating without any idea of what I am doing, I just start developing and putting patterns and colours together until I see something on the screen that speaks to me, then I will start the refining process to a finished design which can take a few hours or a few months. My aesthetic is created from my love of colour, refined detail and quality and often a transcendental world that inspires sensuality, expanding boundaries and appreciation of the feminine.

Tell us about this spring/summer collection?
This collection is exciting for me because there are new garments including a kimono jacket, palazzo pants, a maxi dress and flattering one-piece.  These pieces are wonderful new canvases for me.  Maintaining the quality, elegance and sophistication of our label, we have added classic style pieces wearers can dress in their own style and it builds on the collection that our growing resort customers enjoy.

As a Byron Bay artist, what does it mean to showcase at MBFF Brisbane?
It was a wonderful opportunity for me to see my work displayed large and coherently, which is very fulfilling.  I have had a consistent collectors base in Brisbane and South East Queensland for more than 20 years.  Many of my former glass collectors from this area are now avid resortwear collectors.  As the Colin Heaney label develops these customers continue to show their appreciation.  The show was a great opportunity to share another milestone with them and show how we are developing the label.

Who are some of your style icons?
I love the flowing lines of Erte and Fortuny. In contemporary designers I appreciate Etro and Roberto Cavalli.  Each of the designers have the sophistication and relentless quality I create in my own work.

What is next for Colin Heaney?
I want to continue extending my range and eventually have the opportunity to open a Colin Heaney lifestyle store.  I would love to design the architecture, the interiors and, of course, a product range that emanates both my design aesthetic and appreciation of fine things and luxurious sensual living.

Where can you buy your amazing swimwear and resort wear?
We will be stocked in Brisbane at Samantha Ogilvie (Emporium), with deliveries arriving by end September.  On the Gold Coast we are stocked at Sanctuary Style (Sanctuary Cove), Anthony Dower (Main Beach), Tropical Batique (Broadbeach).  

You can also enjoying see all the new collection available on our online store over the next month.  Check out his Facebook page for details 

Leggings:: $120
Bikini:: $220
Kaftan (mini):: $465
Kaftan (full):: $585
Headband:: $45

As seen in Get it Magazine January 2013

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