A few weeks ago I received a fabulous little package in the mail from one of the PR companies I work with, initially I thought they loved me so much they were sending me on a holiday (YAY) because the packaging was so awesome including a mock boarding pass and a fabulous travel ready facial.

Excusing the fact I look like ole mate from Halloween these ready made facials are AMAZING. No stuffing around with messy fingers and tubes and clay masks. This hydrating mask just peels open from the packet and voila - instant moisture. AND the thing I loved most about this mask is the fact that it's pre-cut for your eyes, nose and mouth so it fits perfectly on your face with total ease and comfort.

The fabulous thing about this instant facial gel mask is that after 30 mins there is no need for rinsing or washing, you just peel off and massage the residue into the skin for long lasting hydration.  

Perfect for a weekend away or better yet if you're lazy like I am lol.

After a hectic week styling photo shoots and blogging, this was just what I needed to refresh and revive. My skin felt soft and supple - LOVE!

Pack of 4 you say, hook me up! 

Also available:

When - The Last Choice
When - 10 PM
When - Makeup Base

When - Travelmate
RRP $12.95 (individual)
Box Set of 4: $39.95
Available exclusively from

Key Ingredients
Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts
Grapefruit Seed
Bamboo Stem
Pine Leaf
NOT formulated with

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