When I was at school I listened to my parents and my teachers who always told me I was incredibly intelligent (and I know I am), so I took the academic subjects - Business Principles, Accounting, Economics, History... but I was constantly getting in trouble for being a "disruptive influence in the classroom". Always talking, doodling, and at home, I was always creating. 

Whether it was making something for my mother, changing my room around, playing with my clothes... of course never knowing this could be an option for a career (they don't tell you at school that styling, or being a brand ambassador is a valid avenue for a making money). 

I was of course miserable, never really happy at school and of course it started to show in my grades, and as the years went on, the corporate jobs, the suits, the long hours, the flashy titles, the stress it got worse.

Now, at the ripe old age of 34, I've found my calling, because a few years ago. I stopped listening to family, to everyone else and did what I wanted, what made me happy. I did as Catriona Rowntree says... what made my heart sing xxx