Up until this review I had never used mineral make up. I had of course heard a lot about it, seen the ads on TV and in magazines, and to be honest with you just thought all the hype was just that "hype".

Going in to a review with no pre-con conceived ideas (or in this case, skepticism) is usually a fantastic way to get a non biased view of a product.


When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the compact. It's surprisingly weighty compared to most of the flimsy plastic compacts produced by its competitors. A sign of quality, immediately I was impressed.

The package is accompanied with a thin white puff, that sits on top of the powder with a mirror inside the lid.

The texture of the powder is silky smooth, gives a full coverage and feels totally weightless.

I wore this day in day out for two weeks and I am converted, Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up is incredible. Even on days when I had break outs, I got complete coverage, without looking like I had inches of make up on and still looked fresh. My pores were still able to breathe due to Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up being Non Comedogenic and oil free.

This particular shade was slightly pinker than my skin hue, however with a multitude of shades available - the right match,  you'll have photoshop in a compact.

It spreads well, so you don't need a lot and it doesn't leave a powdery residue. Sheer and semi- matte finish.

Some interesting facts:

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective UV sunscreen
Water Resistant
Not tested on animals

Available to purchase at
www.recreateyourself.com.au  and www.ry.com.au/brand/jane-iredale.html

Wearing Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up and Stefan Mascara
Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up and Stefan Mascara & Vivid Lips

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