Hailing from two generations of bad cooks (sorry mum - but you know it's true lol) I was so excited to be invited to attend a lunch with Ian "Herbie" Hemphill and his lovely wife Liz at Spoon Deli in James St, New Farm.

It was slightly daunting being surrounded by a table of serious foodies whose days are spent cooking and blogging about food, but it was wonderful listening to Herbie and Liz talk about their travels and experiences and experimenting with herbs and spices.

What I found most interesting was learning about the history of spices - nutmeg was once worth more than gold and we all know the phrase "he's worth his salt", that's because Roman soldiers used to be paid in salt. The power of the spice trade has shaped so much of the world today it's unbelievable!!!

But I digress...

One of the most fascinating things I learnt most from this luncheon was the fact that herbs and spices are condiments not be scared of, even if you're a lightweight like myself.

There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of spices that basically fit into five different categories sweet, pungent, tangy, hot, and amalgamating. 

Some of Herbies Spices you can start out with by just adding to your mash potato or scrambled eggs and www.herbies.com.au has some super easy facts and hints to help you along the way with recipes, tv and a whole bunch of stuff for the novice and advanced.

Herbie and Liz were kind enough to gift a 12 pack curry kit and a beautiful range of spices to kick start me and I can't wait to get going. Well, when I say me - I mean my partner, he's the chef of the house lol.

I want to say a big thank you to Brooke at Pursuit Communications for such a wonderful, educational luncheon xx

Warm organic “Olive” sourdough w/ Herbies Za'ataar, Rosella vinegar & herbed olive oil

Egg, lettuce & Herbie’s curry mix four point sandwiches 

Pumpkin & Herbie’s Dukkah four point sandwiches

Moroccan Sausage Rolls infused with Herbies Portuguese seasoning with roast vegetable cous cous

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