How many times have you gone shopping only to find the perfect pair of jeans or jacket, then look at the price and find it just that little bit out of your budget. 

So you spend the next thirty minutes (or more) walking around the shopping centre either debating to your girlfriend or yourself whether or not it's an investment that's justifiable, or worse yet (depending on how you look at it), you buy it anyway and lie to your beau about how much it cost. 
Exhausting right, and why all the drama anyway?!

Well, thanks to the fabulous team at Westfield, they have the perfect solution. The  Westfield Cost Per Index tool.

To try it out, I took to Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre to buy myself a new item  to incorporate it into my wardrobe just to see how how often I wore it and ultimately what the cost per wear was!

So I ended up buying these gorgeous biker skinnys from Just Jeans $79.95 nothing to do with price, just because they are AWESOME!!

As you will see below, the online Cost Per Wear Index is super easy to use. You simply fill in the blanks where indicated and the calculator does the rest. I guessed I would probably wear them about twice a month.

During June, I wore these gorgeous gals at least three times (I think possibly more) so the 
Cost Per Wear (CPW) = $2.22

And below are a few snapshots of my view down wearing them along with some styling ideas from my wardrobe. The most comfiest jeans and very versatile. Dress them up with heels, worn with flats or boots - such a great purchase. 

L-R: Supre tank, Kmart Boots, Ice Design Tshirt, Novo Sneakers, Supre Faux Fur Vest, Ally Tshirt, Kmart Heels, Vintage Clutch, Lovisa Earrings

L - R: Rivers Hooded Cardigan, T Bar Tshirt, Patent Heels (Wholesale outlet from NZ), Novo Heels, Supre Jumper, Kmart Flats

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