As it turned out this was to be my last shoot with Get it Magazine. My health had been deteriorating dramatically over the last few months and as much as I loved the shoots, the tight deadlines had been adding to my stress, so after talks with my loving friend (and Publisher) it was decided that I was to take a break to focus on my health.

So I could take the time I needed to rest without the stresses of deadlines, without worrying about the impact my behaviour was having on the rest of the team and so I could focus on my first love, my blog.

I am so blessed to have such an understanding friend in the Publisher at Get it Magazine. It certainly hasn't been like that at previous places I've contracted to.

Anyway, on the day of the shoot, I was very agitated. I can't remember why, the nature of the beast I guess.

As I'd never worked with the model before I didn't want to scare her on the off-chance that the agitation escalated (as we were working at a high end Hotel where we would have to work around guests). Luckily I had worked with the creative team for over a year so felt very comfortable with them, so I did something that I had never done before....

Upon arrival, I took a deep breath and walked in and said that I was feeling agitated and due to a serious health condition was not feeling myself. I would require their patience and understanding on the shoot, and if they noticed my behaviour change dramatically to allow me some time to regroup.

With a hug and a few "Crazy Missy" jokes, we were set to shoot.

Taking the courage to tell them what was wrong and what I needed from them, eased a bit of the agitation and we had a great day. And during the shoot, I did need to take a few moments to take some time to myself, take a few deep breathes and get myself together and the team just carried on without me if they could or waited patiently for me until I was ready. 

I didn't feel like a burden or a freak or a "psycho". They treated me with respect that I deserved, as you all should. And I thank them for that. We are no different to anyone else.

Below are some of the behind the scenes pics from the shoot.

Featuring :

Miss Cocoa | A Jacksonian Era | Mijanou | Wild Bling | Cozi | Seafolly | Morgan & Taylor 
Shelta Australia Umbrella

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