As you can imagine, there isn't a great deal to do at a Military Camp when you're a guest.
But I did get to check out this big beast which rolled on into the driveway with the guys 
from the Dog Handlers Unit to set up some tents for the Birthday party as a massive storm was expected that night... Apparently, although judging from the sky you wouldn't think

The Tee i'm wearing is a bargain I picked up from an Op shop but I fell in love with the paint splatter and howling wolf and the fact it was only $3.50!

One of the things I miss about NZ, apart from the landscape, are the small things like the delicious dairy products and of course L & P (Lemon & Paeroa) which is a lemonish tasting fizzy drink so today I got me some and it was sooooo good lol.

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