This morning I woke up with an urge to go shopping, it was an incredibly strong urge which was unusual for me. Now even though I'm a fashion blogger I am not a shopaholic by any means, so I knew this meant trouble.
I've been feeling very positive and motivated lately, having changed my diet (cut out sugar - I've lost 6kg YAY), been exercising regularly and have been really focused on my new blog (which although is taking longer than I expected (good things come to those who wait right?!) and have been feeling incredibly creative.
With the urge to spend a shit load of cash I knew something was up - 


Now, to a normal* person, this may seem perfectly fine, but after dealing with the aftermath of letting these behaviours go on, I knew I had to watch out. This is the start of mania or hypomania. And can be very dangerous for people with Bipolar Disorder I. If I had of gone shopping alone, I would have spent every cent we had and more - most probably on things I didn't even need or really want,  and potentially caused serious financial damage. 

Luckily, being aware of my feelings, I was strong enough to resist the urge to not go out, inside taking some medication to calm down and asking my boyfriend if he could take me shopping that night so I would be monitored if he had access to my money. Sounds silly for a 35 year old woman you may think?! Well when you've thrown tens of thousands of dollars down the drain and been in debt in the past because of spending sprees when manic you'll understand that these little measures are nothing in comparison.

*Oxford Dictionary - definition of normal: free from physical or mental disorders
Heels | Kmart
Pants | SES
Singlet | Supre
Crochet Top | City Chic
Clutch | Vintage - Salvos
Cape | Mink Pink
Rings | Bali 
Large Bracelet | Hunters Moon
Crystal Bracelet | Prouds

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